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Bitcoin OCI

Development site for On-Chain Invoicing

DRAFT White Paper

Please vote with your CCK SLP tokens for Revolutionary.Cash, featuring the On-Chain Invoicing protocol for uncensorable payments. Thank you!


We have a discussion list for developers interested in using this protocol in their wallets, for their content platforms, for business payment tools, or wherever it can be useful.  See:

Uncensorable Payments for Creators

Monetize your content without having to rely on a centralized service. You won’t have to worry about whether you are “popular” with tech gatekeepers. You can even be anonymous. 

For how to use On-chain invoicing, see the site.

Helping businesses

Businesses who want to reduce the cost of invoicing and collecting payments, as well as reducing float time for receiving payments can use OCI. With Bitcoin Cash on the back end, you don’t need to wait a day or three for a check to clear. You don’t need to pay 3.5% to Paypal to get your money quickly. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about the technical details to get your money nearly immediately with a really low transaction cost.

Geek stuff

The OCI Protocol is based on the OP_RETURN specification. It will feature encrypted data payloads, versioned structured data, and minimal UTXO impact. It can handle one-time and recurring invoices, all within a 220-byte payload. This site is for developers and others who are interested in learning more about OCI, and maybe helping to integrate it into other projects, or providing funding for others to do that work.